Float like a butterfly… sting like a bee

The research at the MLC based on Orchid bees (Euglossa) was by far the most interesting piece of research… in my opinion. For me these little bees were fascinating, as was the research. The reasoning behind this project was to explore more into the world of orchids and the bees that pollinate them as they have a symbiotic relationship – the orchids depend on the bees to pollination and reproduction, in return, the bees get fragrance compounds they use during courtship displays. Continue reading “Float like a butterfly… sting like a bee”

Growing the future

As part of my time in the Manu Learning Centre (MLC), I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to Salvacion, the closest settlement to the MLC. it wasn’t exactly an easy journey, across the river on a boat and then a two hour climb up into the mountains. The reason for the visit was to spend two days creating a biogarden for a family who lived on the outskirts of the village. One element of the work that Crees carry out is to help local people become more sustainable and more efficient in every day life. One of the ways this is achieved is to build families biogardens which provide income for the household, as well as home grown food that is beneficial to their health. This is also beneficial to Crees who can start to trade directly from Salvacion rather than getting in produce from Cusco. Continue reading “Growing the future”

Into the Wild

The time I spent in the remote wilderness of the Manu reserve in the Madre de Dios made me realise how important the rainforest is. The everyday things people take for granted have an impact that is detrimental to the rainforest and local people who live there. Our addiction to electricity dependant devices pushes carbon emissions to such a level that the whole ecosystem of the Amazon is being effected. The increasing use of Palm oil in food products results in destruction of the rainforest for palm plantations, while a diet centred around meat protein leads to thousands of acres of rainforest being cut down for pasture land.  Continue reading “Into the Wild”