Bikini blitz challenge

So I’ve decided to take another challenge… this challenge is a 6 week bikini blitz to get a summer body. This challenge also incorporates doing yoga everyday as well as attending yoga classes three times a week. I have really gotten into yoga in the last couple of weeks, it has helped me focus and most of all clear my mind of all the rubbish that floats around and weighs me down everyday. It has also allowed to learn how to let go of things in my life that don’t serve me any purpose but to annoy me and to play on my mind without needing to. Yoga is also of course is a good form of exercise, and will be one of the only forms of exercise that will be possible in the middle of the amazon rainforest. Therefore, I’m building up my repertoire of yoga phrases and poses that will serve me well when in a remote place, as well as giving me a small part of a very busy day to just relax. Taking time to set my sankalpa (something of immense importance to you that you dedicate your yoga¬†practice to) and spend a part of each day for myself reflecting on my days work will help me get the most out of my six months in this amazing place.¬† Continue reading “Bikini blitz challenge”