~A new chapter in my life ~

I’m a student who has been lucky enough to travel around the world from a young age. Travelling has made me passionate about photography, food and different cuisine. I have been able to experience some wonderful things all around the world; Grizzly bears at Knight Inlet lodge, Canada or going on a helicopter ride through Victoria Falls when I travelled through Botswana in 2010. Everywhere, I’ve travelled with my family has given me a new experience and a new perspective on life. I have learnt to appreciate what I have and to take every day as it comes. As a student I am about to head off to uni and with that there come new experiences, new friends, and much much more photography as I am hopefully about to start a course in Marine and Natural History Photography. I am very excited to explore photography and how it can be used to help people learn about conservation and why its so important to conserve the natural beauties of the world around us.

Hopefully, this course will fuel my love for conservation that has grown from my travel experiences and help me explore my passion for photography as I start a new chapter of my life…….