Brexit and the Wildlife challenge


My 30DaysWild challenge has come to an end, the photos below are the last 15 days of the challenge. I have found the last dew days difficult, it has been rainy, cold and dull- making the challenge interesting to say the least.

In the last couple of weeks, I have looked at snails, travelled through the countryside, made elderflower cordial, spent a wet day near the river severn, did a nature drawing, set up a camera trap…. which had a lot of squirrels and pigeons… but eventually had a badger, photographed dragonflies and watched a beautiful sunset which brought a lovely close to the end of the challenge.

I would recommend this challenge to everyone, it doesn’t have to be full on going crazy in nature, it can be small like spending a few hours outside exploring your back garden. Noticing things that would otherwise be overlooked or forgotten was there. I have seen new things in my garden, reconnected with photography, and experienced wildlife without having to travel miles around.

During the time I have been doing this challenge there has been the referendum This brought with it a new and scary path for conservation and the protection of wildlife. It is fundamental that the leave campaign doesn’t destroy the hard work that has been carried out by the EU, building legislations and protection for the natural world. The result of the referendum has made me scared about my future in conservation and the world I live in. I hope that the community in this world who care about conservation and the protection of wildlife stays strong and gets through this tough time that we are facing, using this time to cement understanding and legislations for wildlife and wider natural world, while encouraging younger generations to be involved in nature and how it can bring joy and peacefulness to our lives.




My 30 Days wild challenge, has come to an end it has been an amazing experience. The challenge will have hopefully inspired younger generations to get out and enjoy nature, maybe even go into the field of conservation like I have.

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