30DaysWild…half way through

I have completed 15 days of my 30DaysWild challenge, which encouraged me to get outside every single day. This challenge has inspired me to do new things, such as talk to young kids about deforestation (my back to school blog), share my drawings and photographs on instagram, listen to the dawn chorus. 

This challenge has cemented my understanding of nature as well as the importance of being outside, doing crazy things in the wild.

What I have done so far:

Day 1: Photographed a family of Geese in Yorkshire
Day 2: Walked around my garden for the afternoon
Day 3: Spent an evening under the stars and used my firepit
Day 4: Walked up Cardingmill Valley, explored the reservior
Day 5: Flashback to Peru- posted my drawing of a bat
Day 6: Spent a day in my bell tent in the sun
Day 7: Woke to hear the dawn chorus
Day 8: Found a crazy colourful caterpillar
Day 9:  Went for a walk to see the lambs down the road
Day 10: Went mushroom hunting
Day 11: Walked in a bluebell wood
Day 12: Flashback to Peru- posted my drawing of a jaguar
Day 13: Photographed a Lapwing in Lymington
Day 14: Walked along the seawall in Lymington spotting wildlife
Day 15: Saw a RedKite in Oxford

My most rewarding day, has definatly been talking to school children about deforestation. The thought of having inspired just one child to think more clearly about nature and the impact we as a human race are having on the environement was amazing. Telling the children about why I went to Peru and what I acomplished while out there and the adventures I had, hopefullly grabbed their attention, if only for half a morning. Being a part of their learning, having the privilege to tell them about the world they live in was so rewarding.

Below are my photographs that have captured the 15 days so far…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

15 more days of #30DaysWild… there’s still time to get outside and find the wildlife around you.

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