How things have changed….

Quick update: I’m not at uni studying marine and natural history photography, I am in fact at UWE studying Wildlife ecology and conservation science…. long title I know. The course is fantastic with lots of opportunities and so much practical work. This course is ideal for someone who wants to learn all there is about nature and even the science… which is my favourite section which took me by surprise. 

I was lucky enough to go to Peru, more specifically the Amazon rainforest, Manu in the summer 2015 for 5 weeks. As I had applied to be a research assistant collecting data in regenerating rainforest! Mind blowing huh? It has been by far the most strenuous and tiring trip I have ever done. It was so rewarding in terms of the knowledge I gained and the understanding of how research take place. Everyday was spent getting up early and spending the day collecting data in the rainforest. Surrounded by the sounds of monkeys howling and birds calling and the sound of the rain hitting the leaves of trees. It was truly magical.

While there I collected data on butterflies, fogs, lizards, carried out visual encounter surveys and avian mammal transects, repaired nets and collated data.

Once in a life times opportunity, or thats what I thought at least….. I was wrong! I am going back for 6 months as part of my placement year and will be a full time intern leading my own research and teaching volunteers the same research techniques I also learned as a volunteer.


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