~ One moment would you capture it .. or let it slip? ~

So, one of my passions in life is photography. When applying to one of my uni courses,  Marine & Natural History Photography,  I had to submit a portfolio of 10 photos that told a sequential story about my passion for photography. This, I have to admit, was scary as most of my photography had been from a holiday perspective that basically were just nice looking photos. SO having to show my talent in photography was difficult as I’ve never been taught any of the actual techniques that you need when taking really professional photos. 

My aim was to capture my passion for natural history and photography though my life growing up in my home. I decided that my story would include the different habitats that my garden has, as I am very fortunate to live in an amazing secluded location with a massive garden.

Taking the photos would be challenge, as one of the key aspects was good light. It was November, and I figured that the best sunlight was really early in the morning and at dusk. I knew the types of photos I wanted to take, but it wasn’t straight forward. I had completely forgotten that I love my sleep and I had to get up at sunrise. It was also very, very cold, however this would be good as I wanted to capture some flowers like wild carrot.  My gardens has a section of that is all wildflower meadow, this was perfect for getting some frosty covered flowers against crisp blue sky. This is one of my favourite photos that I submitted in my portfolio and hopefully you can see why 🙂

Life is like photography…. you use the negatives to develop…..

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